Q Is there a racing season?
A Yes, the criterium season runs from beginning of October till the end of March. Races depending on the grade vary from 25 mins – 50 mins. The road season runs from April till September. Races vary from 34kms in some races for E grade to 100 kms in A grade.   From 2013 there are now road races run in conjuction with the criterium season.   The club also runs time trials, hill climbs and handicap events throughout the year.

Q What is the average speed of each grade in the Crits?
A A grade – 45 km/h, B – 40, C – 37, D – 35, E – 32

Q Where is the Victoria Park Criterium circuit located?
A On Wakefield Rd in the City (Adelaide). It can also be reached via Fullarton Rd at Rose Park. Currently parking is available via the first gate off Wakefield Rd (southern side about 100 metres in a Westerly direction from the Britannia Roundabout)

Q Do you have training rides?
A There are several rides available; there is a detailed list of rides that are run independently outside of the club ….

Q Is there a club coach?
A Our club coach is Dave Gomer; there is no fee for this. He is happy to help club riders enjoy there racing. Dave can be contacted at coach@norwoodcc.com.au.

Q How do I get a licence?
A Please see the Become a Member page of this site

Q How do I know which grade I will be in?
A The Club handicapper will make a judgement for your first race. New riders: on your level of fitness, any previous type of riding etc i.e. Triathlons, or do you ride/train with anyone who is currently racing. This can be used as a guide to where to start. Past Riders: Previous results i.e. past performance and reputation, taking into account your current level of fitness. Bill is always open to receiving feedback, and or discussion about what a rider’s ambitions are. Your grade will be adjusted during the season based on your results.  Bill can be contacted at handicapper@norwoodcc.com.au.

Q Besides the licence are there any other expenses?
A Each race nomination fee varies. Norwood Cycling Club criterium races are generally $25.


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