NCC Travel Award

Norwood Cycling Club (NCC) Travel Award

This Policy supports eligible NCC members for interstate or international travel to Elite (cat1) cycling events.


The purpose of the NCC Travel Awards is to assist eligible members to:

  • Attend international events
  • Attend interstate or regional events
  • Attend training camps held overseas or interstate
  • Awards are open to all members of NCC (junior, U23, elite, or masters).
  • Applicants must be financial members of NCC at the time of application and have been a member for at least two years prior to the application; or show sufficient National
  • Applicants must reside in South
  • The Awards are not open to recipients of NCC Travel Awards from the previous Award However, the award may be available to previous recipients at the discretion of the Committee, and will be performance based.

Committee will determine the amount of the award, subject to the availability of funds, but will not exceed $500 for representing a national team at international events or up to $250 for individuals to compete at National Championships. Normally financial assistance will be granted for travel by the most economical, convenient means. Access to other travel funds or athlete sponsorship will be taken into consideration when deciding the final amount awarded.
NCC Committee reserves the right not to bestow awards if applications are not of sufficient merit.


Electronic applications should be emailed to: Confirmation of eligibility will occur as soon as possible. Payment will be made once proof of event registration is forwarded to the Secretariat.
Successful applicants are expected to provide a written report of approximately one page to the Committee on the outcomes of the event. Photographs of the recipient at the event will be desired for publishing on the NCC website. The report should be lodged with the Secretariat within 4 weeks of return to South Australia. Additionally, recipients must present a verbal synopsis of their experience(s) abroad to the NCC Committee during a club meeting within 8 weeks of returning to South Australia. Successful applicants are also expected to assist at future NCC events and act as ambassadors of NCC.
Successful applicants are encouraged to acknowledge NCC support wherever practical (e.g. wearing official NCC jersey at presentations).
Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Applications must include:

  • A brief curriculum vitae, including contributions to NCC and details of previous events and details of NCC membership including Cycling Australia license number and the number of consecutive years that the applicant has been a
  • Details of the event with proof of registration
  • A draft travel itinerary including a quotation of transport
  • A statement outlining the benefit of the NCC Travel Award to the
  • Details of previous travel grants received from NCC and other travel funds available to the applicant and from which


Our Mission at Norwood Cycling Club is to provide outstanding services, events and support to members and other racing cyclists.

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